Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovely Busy Day

It has been a somewhat busy day, but great all the same. The children's nativity went well this morning. They actually did it twice (it was quite short) because the mics weren't set right first run through and we couldn't hear them very well. I have pictures and a video, but will upload tomorrow.

After the service we had a short(ish) choir and dance practice for Friday night.

Lunch with 13 around the table was a nice occasion. After which, we all played charades for most of the afternoon - great fun! It's hard to think of something that everyone of many ages can enjoy and see all at the same time in one room, so this worked well and we had a giggle :). While we were playing Charades, C & N played together on the piano for a bit - very cute to watch from the back! Later, A & E sat together and watched some animations from Illumina Gold which is something we bought years ago and have very under-used, but it is very interesting and they were glued for quite a while. Then tea-time, Jake out to Hydo-G (youth group) party and P went too (not that he's a wanna-be or anything, but he has been helping out a bit this term) and the rest of the tribe to bed. It was a pleasant, if a little noisy, easy day.

Once the kids were in bed I wrapped a couple of pressies for P's M&D to take back down south with them & then chatted with them until P came home. Now I'm pretty shattered and I am going to be in bed before midnight tonight - first time in I don't know how long!

So night folks :)

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