Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today the kids set to with more Knex-ing and this is what they made. They played happily together (albeit a bit noisily) for most of the day in Jake's little room. I was impressed with their ability to work together, helping each other and encouraging each other. And I was also impressed (again) with A's ambitious build. There were no errors and it worked - as you will see :) Phoebe also managed to follow instructions well this time and made a ring toss game which she then invented rules for and they all played with together. Jake's own creation (no instructions) is a 'bus' for his Action Man, but I love that it is custom fitted! Joel made something good too, but smashed it down the stairs before I got the camera out!

Jake's Action Man Bus

Phoebe's Ring Toss game.

Abbie's swing boat ride.

In action :)

After this we wrote in our hand-made Christmas cards from the other week, ready for giving out to Grandparents at the weekend. This was a good exercise in 'layout' for the younger ones and handwriting too for E.

Jake also wrote a book review HERE. I figured this would be a good thing to get them all to do when they finish reading a book - and not too demanding of them :)

And that was our day. I had planned to do some reading aloud, but they were all a bit hyper and I was not in the mood to loose my rag with them, so I let time slip away! Besides that a BK from Asilon this morning kinda sucked me onto the computer and I struggled to leave it alone then whilst the kids were busy being so good!

My evening was spent rearranging and tidying J2's room (big improvement in space) and hoovering it and then I went out to a ladies meeting in Costa Coffee tonight - very nice. My third night out of four this week (tomorrow is choir practice) - such luxury! Normally I am the one who goes out less, but not this week :)

It all goes a bit mad over the weekend and next week, with Christmas parties & 'shows' of various descriptions, but I will try to keep up to date on here just so you can join in the fun!!

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Philippa said...

Great review Jake! Well done.