Friday, November 21, 2008

In Brief...

  • Jake's fish died today :( Freckles was pretty old, but seeing as he lived in a greenish tank most of his life and was only fed when one of the kids thought of it, it's surprising he has survived the 3+ years that he has.
  • We played Poleconomy (the very basic version) and thoroughly enjoyed that together.
  • We finished off the chapter on Venus in our Astronomy project and learnt a bit about radar.
  • Paul said "no" to Glasgow (more on that another time).
  • Natty is trying to talk - it's too cute!
  • I won the kids a Wii (and some nice extras) for Christmas on Ebay (ouch again!)
  • oh - and I love Googlemail more and more everyday - it just keeps getting prettier!
  • Night!!

1 comment:

Elle said...

Sorry to hear about the fish. Look forward to hearing more about Glasgow in due course. Elle