Monday, November 03, 2008

And so on...

Well, of all things I had to do yesterday, I did manage most of them - quite an achievement! I did finish sorting the PM house, but didn't get to listing anything yet. I'm still hoping I might find a few more bits! I did sell the Previa (only £150, but better than nothing and better still because the guy was planning to try and fix it for his sister. I was somehow glad it wasn't going to be scrapped - dunno why!. I did clean the kitchen floor. I didn't blog or read round, but have done a bit of that tonight instead. We did all go for a drive after tea in the new bus - to the 24hr Tesco in Crewe to buy milk (just an excuse) with the kids in their pj's! It really is a bus, or a beast, depending on how you look at it, and it's really fab! Body work is really nice inside and out and nothing is falling apart. The boot is enormous (bigger than the Previa because it has more height) + the roof rack is pretty massive too :) Seats are not adjustable at all (except the driver's, which is mega adjustable in about 5 different ways), which is a bit of a draw-back, but never-the-less they are comfortable enough, forcing you to sit in an upright, but well supported position.

Mid-way through the day my tumble dryer packed up, putting an abrupt stop to my Saturday 'plough-through-a-mountain-of-washing' routine! :(#

Today, after church, P added the rails to the new arrangement in the girls' room and I spent the entire rest of day sorting through E's clothes! I have wittled out two boxes full for storage (one winter one summer), one crate full for a friend and a bag for another friend. She is still left with two 80cm rails FULL, a drawer of summer things, an undies & tights drawer and a nightware drawer! Something tells me she had/s too many clothes! The older girls have one rail, two shelves and a drawer each (A has two drawers). Am I being excessive in keeping so much? It's just that the girls just seem to have loads of clothes, but it all seems quite necessary - cardigans, trousers, shorts, cut-offs, skirts, dresses, long-sleeve tops, t-shirts, blouses, etc..! The boys clothese are so much simpler and they only have a rail and a basket each, plus underwear drawer and pj's drawer (trofast).

Now on to tackle finishing off N & JA's room, which is really just a tidying matter now my Mum has departed with all her bags (she brings soooo many bags!!). And then onto J2 & C's room, where I am trying to create a little extra space, but also store some of the toys that I am fed up of seeing in my lounge. Hmmm - it could prove tougher than I am hoping it will!

Guess what... it's now
gone 1.30am again, and I never did do my pile of marking! So I am going to have to get up early enough to do it before school when the kids need their books to work in and will want to know how they did! I am too tired now though, so I need to be organised and awake in the morning - neither of which are how I would best describe myself in the mornings ever, especially after a series of hard-graft days & late nights!


Philippa said...

So pleased you love the new car. It sounds like it fits you all in well and has space for holiday luggage. What a blessing! Will you be driving?

pcjjap said...

Nope - I don't drive - I'm just a cruiser, out to enjoy the ride - except I don't really. I'm always on edge in the car and don't really have the will to learn any more, like I did in my teens :).

Michelle said...

Very glad to hear the car thing is sorted out. :-)