Saturday, November 15, 2008


We had our interview this morning and are going out for a meal tonight with the leadership of the church. I will blog more on return home home, but we have a time card for our internet access and I need to get some shut eye. I am still not fully recovered from tummy bug earlier in the week. Anyhow, after the interview, we looked at a house (v. nice) and had lunch, then took a drive out to Loch Lomond. We arrived on the banks just as the sun was setting and it was BEAUTIFUL :) Pics to follow, but I left the camera in the car and it's too cold to go out and get it! That said, it is so far a suprisingly mild weekend weather-wise so far and on the most part I have been walking around in just my hoody.

We are still not sure if this right for us yet, so we need to talk and pray more, but the weekend is not over yet :)

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