Thursday, July 03, 2008

Other Stuff!

This week in the FrogAcademy...

It's non-book week, so it's been pretty chilled around here, but stuff has been happening all the same;

Joel finished of Maths & Science YR4 of Ed'City * then did Test A on the maths and got 84% - well done that boy :)

Abbie worked on the rest of YR2 maths on Ed'City
Phoebe worked on understanding of sentences with me, playing Silly Sentences and talking about capital letters, full-stops, what a sentence has to have and be; has to 'make sense' and have a subject & a verb. Then we looked at the object, noun, & preposition, as well as the who, what, where, when, etc...
Everyone did Bible study and handwriting - same old
All kids played Kadoo together in the afternoon (while I sorted out some financial stuff).
J,P & A read independently and then I read to them all from an on-going book that we only ever seem to read together on these more relaxed weeks. - NOTE TO SELF - make more time to read to the children - they do actually enjoy it!!

Bible and H'writing

5 minutes of exercises - we forgot yesterday!
J took Test B and got 74% - I was pleased, but he wasn't!
A carried on with Yr2 maths (trying to get that finished off now)
P did some work on Ed'City too - finishing off the vowel-blends on Letter & Sounds - stuff she knows now, but worth reviewing.
All read and were read to :)

Bible & H'writing

J retook Test A and this time got 91% - that'll do!!
A - nearly finished Yr2 now!!
P - completed the Letters and Sounds and I put her up to Year 1 Literacy. So now, at the end of her official Yr1 she is just starting out on Ed'City Yr1 all round. She'll catch up though next year, I'm sure of it :)
All played Vocabulon together (only ours is in English - we got it cheap in Home Bargain!) & then Globe Trotting. Then they read independently for a while.
Ballet today so we ran out of time for me to read too :( I'll put in a long session tommorrow :)

Bible (no h'writing)

J - retake Test B and hopefully ace it - and that'll be Yr4 done with on Ed'city. He is already through Yr5 Literacy (completed) and on the Science for Yr5. So when I put him up he will be part Yr5, part Yr6!!
A - hopefully finish the maths and then she will be fully in Yr3 Ed City
P - have a play with Yr1 literacy and see how she does :)
MAYBE do some cooking (I actually prefer cooking one-on-one, it's tough as a group thing, but they have asked, so we'll see...)
READ more of The Artic Tern and James Herriot (the books we've been reading)
HEAR them read to me in turn.
LEARN spellings ready for Monday next week.
CHILL or play a game together :)

And then back to the grindstone finishing off book-work stuff for the next three weeks!!

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