Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mega Menus

Today's first activity was to create Mega Menus (thanks Peggy Kaye -they all loved this one). Joel made a menu for an alien, Abs one for a selection of pets, myself Santa and Co. and this was Phoebe's.
I just loved it. Bear in mind she is only 6 1/2 and I was not helping with spelling at all - I wanted them to simply not worry about it too much for this activity. I hope you can read it. Jake managed to work out what everything was - and of course - it's for a princess! She did make some great suggestions for Joel's aswell, so maybe one day I will get her to create a gruesome one too :)

After that we played word-by-word from Peggy's book too - which was not such a hit, but did go well. We played it in a round, so it was a little hard. Maybe next time we will do it in two's and that should work better.

And to end with we made a picture map with little picture people and created walk through stories - that was great fun and inspired all the girls to go off and create their own versions afterwards, which they then played with for at least 2 hours!!

So Peggy Kaye is a big hit here - I wish I had this book years ago now! It will be just the ticket with Els I think in a few months time :).

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