Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It Must be Ballet Season!

Tonight was out girls' first ever ballet show. It was a lovely show. Their teacher is fantastic and you could just see how much fun the kids have J. Sadly my videos are not too easy to decipher (we were at the back), so I'll get the DVD and then snip a bit for you all to see - if I can!

Boo has ballet again tomorrow - exam practice now for her primary exam in a couple of weeks time! I will probably give P the night off unless she pleads with me to go - she is exhausted, bless her!

It's been a good week, made extra challenging by the addition of two additional children on Monday. Their mum (my friend) is in hospital atm and their Dad had some work he needed to do. So P (9) & J (6) joined us for the day. They are also home-educated, but not quite like I do it. However, they were happy enough to join in and work at the table on and off, with the rest of mine and we had a successful enough day. Fortunately I have my Mum around this week, so she was able to do a little assisting with the 'listening to reading' and that sort of thing which was great, as these boys are not fluent readers and needed a listener.

I was planning on doing some science activities in the afternoon, but their Dad collected them beforehand. Never mind though - there had been some happy learning and some major playing so that was fine J

Not much else to tell atm… same old, same old… just finishing up stuff really although I cannot foresee everything getting done in the next two weeks, so Greeks are likely to hang over into the first term of next year and a couple of other things too, but it's no major deal… we don't have anyone else's song to sing to but our own J

Jake had a nice enough school report (nothing in it that we didn't already know about him!) and it's parent's evening tomorrow.


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