Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Visiting Off the Path - once more.

"Off the Path" is a great place to be!

The pictures below just about say it all - suffice to say we had a wonderful time - as we always do when we get together. The kids leave with a longing to live in the country....wouldn't that be lovely! I leave with a renewed sense of friendship and what that really means :) Good to see Jax and Co. again too :)

some of the more beautiful moments :)
(Yes, Phoebe is in all of all of them - she seems to have that nack!)

Making friends

Craft time
Hama, painting & clay modelling

Hama creations

Star by Jacob
Face (Catie) by Joel
Flower and heart by Catie
Butterfly by me!

Show time

The Ninja fight between the talking chimney, it's owner and the ninja bady!

The whole gang
Ellie should be stood between Phoebe and Jasper, but she wouldn't join in :(

This is the loop of the rest of the photos - too many to post one by one, I've just put a few other 'moments' here too :)

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Jax said...

good to see you too. Love that pic of Small and Ellie :)