Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I forgot to blog this bit of excitement too!

For those who know our extended family - my SIL Ruth had her baby yesterday. Tobias David - Welcome to the world :-)

For those who don’t know. Tobias is a very special baby. My sil had a term+ still birth almost exactly 3 years ago (and that following repeated late-ish miscarriages). Chloe should have been between Melody (my other SIL’s 3rd daughter) and Ellie - they would have been a gang of 3yo girls - and it still hurts to think that when we are all together.

So as you can all imagine Toby is very precious to us all - not least to R&G . I’ve yet to speak to R - must do that tomorrow. I need to see some pictures NOW :-)

And for those who are counting - Tobias is the 12th living grandchild to M&D Hampton! (If I do the same ratio as they have now, which is 1:3, I will have 18 grandchildren - so I dread to think what the real figures might work out to!!)


Jan said...

That's wonderful news. Do pass on our congratulations, won't you.

Caroline said...

will do :)