Friday, October 29, 2004

Just a Little HE

I thought I'd blog just a little of our Pre-school home-ed! It seems that at half-terms (when the boys are not doing school) the girls get their turn.

At Tea-time yesterday Boo stunned me by doing 'take-aways' with her Smarties!! She is only 3 8/12 and I didn't even realise she knew what 'take-away' meant, but there she was... She counted her Smarties (17) and with each one she put in her mouth she said "take away one." When she got down to 10 left she then started saying "10" (starting number), put one in her mouth "take away one leaves..." (recount) "9!" And she did this all the way down to "none." I was astounded!! Joel only really began to do this kind of thing 6 months ago maybe and she's just absorbing it. Bear in mind though, that she is only really around for Maths maybe 1 or 2 days a week because she is out three mornings and we tend to try to get Maths done early on. I can't believe it's come from playgroup - they're not that good!!

Other learning that came from the mini-Smartie boxes; Boo recognised the letters 'S' 'M' and 'A' (although she had know 'A' for some time now - both upper and lower case are in her name) on the backs of the boxes.

Then at bedtime we were looking at one of our library books and Boo was successfully able to identify the numbers 1-5 without error.

At various points over the last few weeks I have also noticed how many opposites Abbie knows, even some more obscure ones; young/old, black/white/, under/over/, go around/go through, loud/quiet, noisy/ sssh! :)

When did my baby get to be so smart?! :)

Phoebe (2 8/12) is really making a concerted effort to learn her colours at the moment. She has Pink and Blue off pat - but not much else yet. We're getting there. Considering she only really started talking about 6 months ago she is doing really well I think.

I really love Home-Ed - especially when it shouts at me that it's working!! :)


Sarah said...

sounds absolutely great, Caroline :)

dottyspots said...

Sometimes kids can really stun you with just how much they know - but that is really impressive!

Jules said...

Sounds really great Caroline, I love the moments that just prove Home Ed is working, makes the stress and worry at other times seem so worthwhile!

Jonathan said...

2 8/12 == 2 4/6 == 2 2/3

Caroline said...

OK clever clogs Jon!! :)