Thursday, October 14, 2004

Crash and Burn-out!!

Its been a tough week this week and I don't know if that's because of the children or me. I'm still feeling really tired and hence ratty and irritable. Why is it these things seem to rub off on the children? They too have been arguing with each other and me almost endlessly these last few days. School has been a struggle to motivate both myself and the boys. One of those weeks when you wonder "Why am I doing this?" So today I threw the schedule out of the window and did next to nothing. Started the day with wordsearches and a little science. Then did spellings (both boys got full marks again!), handwriting for Jake and a little bit of reading for both and called it quits. All this interspersed with very long breaks!! The boys at one point decided to pretend their bedroom was the park and scattered conkers all over the floor and then played a game that involved collecting them all up again - very sweet, and I couldn't possibly disturb them. At another point both boys decided to dress up in the girls' fairy outfits which was quite amusing, if a little worrying! - that didn't last long though. They also started to build an aeroplane with some conrtuction mecchano type stuff that we have, but Ellie woke up so they unfortunately had to put that away because of all the small bits.

Generally today the boys' behaviour did improve, perhaps for two reasons; one - their Dad had a 'word' with them this morning before he left and two - I took the pressure off schoolwise. Maybe one day I'll learn to take the lid off before the pan boils over!!

It seems my blog is taking a twice-weekly turn, that might have to suffice for now due to my weariness come the evenings.

Sorry this is not such a cheery post, we all have our bad days!

If you're wondering what the 'crash' bit in the heading is about, Joel has managed to break probably my only valuable possession, which started the day off on a rather negative note, especially when he told me he did it a couple of days ago and hadn't told me. I was saddened and disappointed that he hadn't been honest enough, so after my initial rage and when I'd had time to calm down, we sat and chatted about honesty and why rules are important (like not playing ball in the lounge!!). I think lesson learned for now. I told him he has to think of a way to show me he is sorry, as I feel that sometimes its too easy to say sorry and there be little consequence. It's not that he's not forgiven (and he knows he is) I'd just like to see him go the extra mile because it was something that was precious to me.


Jax said...

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time of it. Hope you have a good weekend and have more energy for it all next week.

Jan said...

Sorry to hear you're having a tough week. It sounds like you have been going great guns though, so I'm sure a few easy days will do you all no harm at all

merry said...

Not been able to leave comments for some reason - butb hugs to you.