Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss-E!

9 Today!!

Doesn't seem like yesterday I was putting THIS POST together 

~ where did those 2 years fly to?

One more year & Lilo joins the double digits clan..!

And I will have more children with double digits than without!

Yes, she asked for a camera ~ they seem to be a pretty essential piece of kit around here ;D

She says she had a lovely day  ~ and it certainly looks like she did! :D 

Still my 'crazy Daisy', my little blonde fairy-girl, and we love you to bits. You spend half your life very much in the real world, mothering everyone that crosses your path, and the other half in a fantasy world, which is possibly almost as real to you as reality itself! It's fine by us ~ you only get to be little once in a lifetime ~ stay little as long as you like.  Life will become real enough all too soon - enjoy the fantastical while it's yours to possess! :D  You are caring and loving, and generally a very good girl. You are a little fond of avoiding work at times, and also of avoiding the truth (!), but you are gradually growing out of both those things, and I am very much loving the little lady you are growing into.

Stay free spirited, stay creative, stay true to you. 
We love you just the way you are!!

Happy Birthday 
Our little fairy princess :D!

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