Friday, November 02, 2012

Blogging in Note Form...

Spent the entire day to and fro-ing from my pile of marking. Still got TP's to finish and then a bit of the three littlies to look through. I've run out of steam for today though (and have friends here from tomorrow am + toddlers and shopping etc...)

Anyway the kids kept busy today...

Lilo and DD did some crinkle art (tissue paper pictures)
Lilo, TP & DD did some card making for upcoming birthdays and Christmas (!)
DD made a 'stained glass' tissue paper bee :D
Stitch and Lilo finished Mr Gingerbread
Stitch spent far too long on Moshi Monsters and later informed me he didn't do any of the 'schooly' bits!!
TP made a 'what to do' spinny clock thing (which is actually not very impressive, but might have been if she'd put some proper effort in ~ annoys me when they waste time like that and then are happy to accept they have created tat!)
Taz did another fabulous drawing :D and a whole load more pivot animation.
Bugs spent hours on some editing!! Not sure he did much else actually!
We had lunch & the it was 3 O'clock!! 
Minnie came home just before tea from R's
Tea-time (early tonight)
Minnie & Taz to Youth Band & Bugs to Table Tennis 
Clear-up from tea and house tidy mission at home, followed by DVD.
Band kids home.
Taz on skype with friends (you know who you are!) and middle 5 to bed. 
Chip had not long got up from nap so he wasn't going to bed yet!
Paul back out to collect Bugs. 
Chip on my lap watching YouTube Seasame Street clips (me still marking).
Bugs on phone to his sweetheart!
Paul & I marking (he did TP's amusing maths!) in company of Chip ~ who makes us both laugh a lot and distracts us.
Chip to bed.
Me about done-in! 
Paul in study playing.
Me typing this...
and going to bed!

Sorry for the change of tenses, but it sort of worked like that as I caught myself up!

I did take a few pictures of various bits today too, but too tired to start fiddling about with those now...


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Zoe said...

Looks like you had a busy day! Lol at Taz skyping friends - I wonder who that could have been ;)