Tuesday, December 04, 2012

She had a Party and the Lights Went on...

Lilo chose this year to do lunch & pottery painting with a couple of friends and TP. 

It proved to be a lot of fun and the girls were in Ginger & Pickles (the Tea Room where we did it all) for about 4 hours!!

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but because we were there SO long, we decided to stay on and watch the town lights go on. Paul was bringing the boys down anyway to meet up with some friends, so he brought the whole crowd and we made a night of it.

There were a couple of little ride for the smaller ones, popcorn and candy floss stands ~ you the sort of thing. Some stage entertainment ~ dancers and singers... the atmosphere was lovely,

but it was VERY cold and we waited an hour and a half ~ which was WAY too long and everyone had had enough by the time they went on. Not to be repeated was the majority vote ~ shame really.

However, in the end there was Beth Twiddle pulling the lever & fireworks, so that made it somewhat worth it!

Cold or no, it seems to have put Minnie in festive mood ~ we've had Christmas music in the house ever since!

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