Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stuff that must be Blogged ~ Part One

On Sunday, after church, we headed out to Delamere Forest for a day as family. It's all too seldom that we get some seriously 'no agenda' family time, just walking, chatting, running, having fun together. The weather was warm and clear, which was brilliant as rain had been forecast :D. We had a lovely day (mostly) ~ there are always a few gripes at points in any day. Minnie has trouble on and off with one of her ankles and it was giving her intermittent pain, and then she fell over a twig whilst messing in a Wigwam. The fall itself was not too painful, but she landed on the remnants of some chestnut cases and ended up with lots of prickles in her bum and down her legs ~ bless her! Taz was his usual gripey self ~ he is not too keen on walking and would far rather hair round on a mountain bike (as he has a few times with a friend of his), but that was not the agenda for the day, so he was grumpy about having to walk! Bugs was good company ~ chatty and funny (although I do wish he would learn to be quiet at times!). He just started 'going out' with a long-held friend that morning and so we had to hear the whole story...! It's great that he still likes to share all these things with us ~ I guess there will come a time when he doesn't share so freely maybe :( TP and Lilo had a wonderful time and when DD stopped moaning about his legs being 'sleepy' he did too! Stitch did the first half of the 2.7miles in the buggy (he dozed off in the car on the way there), then decided to get out and enjoy climbing about with the others. 
We got home about 7 ish and Paul nipped out for KFC! You can never please all of the people all of the time, but this came pretty close :D!!

(the children wanted to take this stump home to play with in the garden ~ I thought it would be great too!)

Note 1 to self and Paul ~ do stuff like this more often!
Note 2 to self ~ remember time passes too quickly to not make the most of each moment!

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