Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smoothly Does It!

I'm organised this week - and it shows :D Everyone is working smoothly (provided they start before half the day is gone) and stuff is happening :D
Yesterday the kids did these;

They draw around their shadows (we shone a torch on the whiteboard with paper attached) and then took them away to add all the details. I assisted only with the placement of ears, the shape of eyes, and the arrangement of their hair. For the older ones I just showed them with my finger, but they did them themselves. For the younger ones I added these features for them, but they filled everything in without help (if I hadn't have helped you might be able to work out where Lilo wanted to put her eye - we pretended it was a hair decoration in the end!!). I didn't want to do it all for them, as they so often want me to as they really do not like a poor result in their own eyes, but at the same time I wanted them to be pleased with their results - this time they really were! They are coloured with oil pastel (hence the smudgey marks) with the exception of DD's which is just chalk
. Top-Bottom, Left-Right they are; Lilo, TweetiePie, Bugs, DD, Taz & Minnie (stitch was busy playing cars somewhere at the time :D).


Jennifer Bowen said...

Great artwork! You may have future artists on your hands. Fabulous! =)

BTW, I just gave you a blog award. Check out my blog for details. =)

Sharon said...

How fun are those?! you have some artists in the making. I'm not sure I could have done as well as they did... I have great ideas in my head, but my hands just don't like to cooperate!