Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drama in the house!

Tonight my Bugs has returned from A&E with a plaster up to his knee! He was dancing at his youth club on friday night, landed funny on his foot (in new shoes) and limped through the weekend. I had a look at it last night and decided I thought it might be broken, but to leave it one more night to see... His foot was pretty swollen this morning. Stitch is not too well with a heavy cold and feverish, so he, Bugs and I stayed home. This afternoon Lilo and DD were booked for a party I didn't want them to miss and as Bugs was happy just lying on the sofa with his leg up, we decided to take him down this evening. Obviously being a nice Sunday afternoon and rugby season A&E was busy, so they only just got back (nearly 5 hours later). Bugs has broken his 5th metatarsal (correct diagnosis on my part - grin!), but the tendons that connect are twisting his leg a bit, hence the mega-cast & crutches. Pictures to follow in the morning! Let's see how much he milks this then ;-) He's already tried the "Well, I can't do school then!" - to which I replied, "it's your foot that broken, not your brain!", but to be honest sometimes I'm not so sure!! :D
Stitch is non too well - nasty barking cough and he really looks rough, bless him :( Hoping we don't all get it.
I can't get motivated this weekend at all, so I haven't planned the week yet. I have a vague idea in my head of what the week needs to hold, but the boxes are empty - again! I really do love this system Monday -Thursday, but I dread the hours of prep on a weekend. It aches my brain trying to organise 60 activities and make sure everyone gets their fair turn at the fun things without stepping on each others toes too much. I think I need to try and be creative about how the boxes get filled. I could ask the kids to do it just as they finish each day, but I feel they already do quite a lot of stuff that eats into their free time (chores and all) and I want them to have time to be kids, BUT I am aware that they do it in about 5 minutes a piece and somehow it takes me so much longer than that when I'm doing them all of an evening. More thought required on that one. I certainly don't want to get into a 'rut' again, with the same things in the same boxes each day (which is how I know a lot of folks use it), because that would just feel like a timetable in boxes - and we've been timetabled for way too long. At least with this there is so much more flexibility built in and a lightness about it that allows me to feel things can pass-over to the next day if we've simply run out of time. The next day can be juggled and nothing is being missed out - unlike when we did timetables and things frequently got squeezed out.
Right now I need to go an make up a temporary chore-chart so that my invalid son does not just skive out of every chore there is for the next however many weeks!

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