Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Potty!

Quick update & a 'few' pics :D

Bugs' completed Lego creation

Minnie's Greek Pot (outside)
& inside

Taz's Greek Pot (outside)

Bugs' pot (outside) - painted with Gouache, hence the sheen

Tweetie's pot (outside) - she decided to leave hers grey.

Lilo's pot (outside)

Early Victorian style puppet theatre - playing Cinderella :D
...And here's the evidence you've been after...

So not only do I now have 7 children to look after, but one is an invalid (with a far too good reason to spend plenty of time SASSing) and one (Stitch) is sooo rough with his cold he wants to spend every waking moment on my knee or in my arms - or Daddy's when he gets home! Problem is, I don't feel too grand either and I can only get to about lunchtime before I feel like I need to sleep for about 10 hours - not sure what's up with me :(

If anyone was wondering about the car...it IS a right off. We are desperately trying to track down a 9-seater through a dealer now before the insurance pay out / our 21 days courtesy car runs out. With Bugs incapacitated a car becomes even more essential! Problem is there just doesn't seem to be too much out there within our budget - so if anyone spots a nice looking minibus in their local garage for around the £6000 mark please LET ME KNOW! We will go near enough anywhere to collect if we can get it quick!


Jenny said...

Bummer about not being able to find a car for your family. I hope you find something soon!

Sharon said...

hee hee -- I was thinking about a different kind of "potty" when I saw your post. I guess that's what happens when you have a toddler