Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Update

Sorry – couldn’t think of an original title so that will have to do!

I’m feeling lousy – sinusy head cold. I think I developed a reaction to J&T’s cats whilst there which gradually worsened as the week went on, resulting in completely blocked sinuses by day 7. It is gradually all loosening and unblocking, but my nose, head and ears all hurt in the meantime … woe is me!!

The last few days in Oxford were lovely, with a couple more park trips, one of which was for the purpose of me meeting up with a school friend who apparently only lives 2 minutes from Tilsley Park (rather nice to catch up again, but so strange to not see someone in 20 years and then twice in 6 months!!), a visit to R’s home in the mill (to collect some boys’ belongings that they had left in her car!!) and some shopping in Next Clearance on Saturday morning, thrown in for good measure :D The boys also went to see ‘Bolt’ with Jack earlier in the week and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Just for fun, here are a few more park pictures (and links to the albums if your not soooo bored and want to see the rest!).


IMG_0006 IMG_0022IMG_0024IMG_0027IMG_0048  IMG_0020 

IMG_0014 (2) IMG_0019               IMG_0051 IMG_0054

2009_02_19 Hinksey Park
IMG_0006  IMG_0038 IMG_0040    IMG_0031IMG_0034IMG_0023bwcfeIMG_0036 IMG_0016IMG_0033IMG_0015IMG_0025 IMG_0028    IMG_0026 
(These last three are of my school-friend’s two boys :)
2009_02_20 Tilsley Park (D2)
School has been happening this week, but only just with me not feeling too well at all, but the children are happily getting to a stage where they can tick along with the ‘normals’ quite nicely. It’s just the extras that struggle to happen when I’m not on form. E tends to get a bit short changed too, but she does have Headsprout and Ed’ City to keep her going and ease my guilt at least. Perhaps curling up on the sofa with a book and her would be a nice alternative to the school room, but I never think of it till it’s too late :(
Oh – and to make matters a little better – our heating has packed up! Strangely (and thankfully) we still do have hot water, but no heat and it IS cold :(. So right now I am heading for a snuggle by the ‘living flame’ fire – another ‘thankfully’ – at least we can heat one room well!

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