Monday, March 02, 2009

Back Post – Happy 7th Birthday Phoebe .

Friday -

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This last picture was her opening her Hannah Montana Wii game :)

She had been asking for Hannah Montana stuff since before Christmas, but I had resisted. However, I figured in the end that it would make her VERY happy if she got something HM, so I softened – but struggled to find anything of real worth & longevity. In the end we plumped for the Wii game and it was an excellent choice – the girls ALL love it, but you can see how thrilled P was with it :) It’s good for music and rhythm interpretation in the same way the dance mat for the PS2 used to be (when WILL Nintendo bring out a Wii dance mat? – We really miss it). Besides that 7 was a bit of a gadget birthday – MP3 player, camera (her first REAL camera), and a little piglet ‘sock’ for the MP3. Then Granny got her some ‘bits’ – blo-pens (good fun and nice effect), a pretty pen and a victorian style dress-up doll). I also got her some leggings to go with one of her tops and a Pumpkin Patch outfit that I got in their online sale. So not too many new toys to add to the already vast collection, but one happy little girlie – phew!

Saturday was a crazy, busy day and at some point in it’s duration we went to have a look at THIS house – and were bowled over by it – it’s stunning and just across the road from where we are now, so no majorly expensive move – just a majorly bigger house (and rent to boot). We have said we are VERY interested but we need to take a look at the pennies before we can proceed – I think we had better be quick though or we will miss the opportunity – I don’t think it’s going to sit waiting for us to make up our minds for long! I really would like to live more in the country, but this has plenty of corners to hide away in and I think if I could just breath more in my own home I would at least be a little happier. The house I had had my eye on already has a deposit pending, so I need to move on…

After that Paul took A into town to collect her new bike – I can’t believe she is riding the same size bike as the boys! She really is A-big-girl! She is chuffed to bits with it, and, despite saying she does not like pink, guess what colour she chose..! Apparently she really liked a purple one better (and had she been with me I might have softened to her plea), but it was more expensive for no obvious added extras. That said – it’s not like this one isn’t beautiful :D

Sunday – Ellie had her pre-primary ballet exam and tbh, I was VERY worried when i was running through a couple of the dances with her before we left, because she just couldn’t remember them! Thankfully I think she did OK under pressure – according to her teacher :D. We won’t get the results for ages though, so she goes up to the blue class next week – no more little pink ballet girls in my house now, only bigger blue ones! :( And I missed the photo opportunity – I might just have to get her to pose for me – it IS the end of an era after all!

Hah- that’s up to today – good!!

Tot-school snap shots from last week – he called it “rocket school” - cute! Just look at his writing...I haven’t worked on his pencil grip at all yet, but he did those ones and two’s all by himself – including two freehand ones of each – I am constantly amazed by him – a boy who loves to write (well atm anyway);

IMG_0001 IMG_0007  IMG_0009  IMG_0012IMG_0011


TheRockerMom said...

Wow! He writes so well!

Nicki said...

Oh, yes that is definitely a "thrilled" face! It's hard isn't it when they desperately want things that we'd rather they didn't but I have lost count of the times I have bought beautiful wooden toys for open-ended play that just sit gathering dust :o(

I'm gradually learning there has to be a bit of compromise but its taken me longer than most I think!

Elaine said...

Belated birthday wishes to Phoebe.

House looks gorgeous - how it all works out OK for you all.