Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dry Sandford Pit.

Our outing today was to Dry Sandford Pit – a disused sand quarry. The walk was nice (there is a definite air of imminent spring around the corner) and the kids had a blast, playing war, rolling of mud mounds as if they were dead, and building people traps with sticks! Nat just enjoyed scrambling about, as did C (when he’d finished being ridiculously 3 & sulky!) and the girls. My good friend of old, who lives nearby, came over to T’s and joined us for the walk. Nat really took a shine to her and they had a little shoulder shrug thing going on between them – very cute! It was lovely to see her as I haven’t seen her for a couple of years or so, due to miles and busy lives. She is always good fun to catch up with :D

Pics of today click the album as always - too many nice ones to choose which ones to put here! :)

2009_02_17 Dry Sandford Pit

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Elaine said...

Looks like a fun walk.

I've tagged you for a Tree of Happiness Award. You can pick it up from my blog.