Thursday, November 01, 2007

We Made Fimo...

Monday was an inset day for Jake so we had an 'activity' day. Actually he had a heap of homework to do for Tuesday that hadn't got done over half term due to everyone one of us, in turn, being ill with sickness and that coupled with 'Ogre the Top' kids half-term holiday club at church (based on Shrek 3 - with a twist!). So anyway, to break up the bordom of pages of comprehension we spent a couple of hours creating this... our teddy bear's picnic :)

The pieces were made my a variety of children. Phoebe made the roses, the balloon, a couple of cupcakes and the snail. I made the purple bears and Boo made the cherries, tomatoes, sandwiches, the lying down brown bear and then the pink one with a bit of help (he lost an ear almost immediately). Joel made the yellow bear, two cupcakes and the picnic rug. Jake made some fruit, the bowl and plate and generally fiddled a lot!

This is my little bear!

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Jules said...

Aww, love the tea party! Well done all :o)