Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today was one of our non-book days so we spent the majority of the day putting together this 500 piece puzzle. It works well with both our current studies on Greece (in history) and Contintents (in geography). I woke up this morning with idea of doing puzzles today - thinking quiet, busy activity that El also loves, but it was the kids idea to do this one and I agreed it was a fantastic idea. El even joined in when she got back from playgroup and put together Poland all by herself. It was a great exercise in team-work, problem-solving, spacial awareness, geography...
It's on a jigroll to be brought out again and looked at as needs be.

These are some of our other creations this week. They are Hoplite Soldier's shields - part of our project on Greece. They are supposed to be scarey! Do they scare you?! We are using EMC History Pockets and this is part of the second pocket on Military Power. We are only just starting out on Greece and will be doing it for some time as we only do it once a week and that only for an hour, but we'll have fun along the way.

In order of Author; E, A, me & P. I think I like P's creativity :-)

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