Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Yesterday was the start of our non-book week. Unfortunately Ellie and Caleb seem to have developed a bit of a head cold so they have been a bit clingy, but we still managed to do some stuff. Yesterday we did our usual Bible Study in the morning, which atm is reading through Samuel in their 365 Bible Stories book and then chatting about the story and trying to see what we can learn for ourselves from it. However, a couple of times now A & J have asked me how they can know the Bible is true and not just a made up fairy story, so I ceased the opportunity to have a conversation with them about that and at the end of it was fairly convinced that neither of them have any really serious doubts about their faith, they are just stretching their spiritual limbs! I reassured them that there is no problem with asking these questions and that God welcomes a questioning mind - we should earnestly seek The Truth. It was a fruitful conversation J. Following on from that we made a jigsaw of the British Isles (the kids are into Geography puzzles atm) and then moved onto Art. We were going to do some of out 'Indians' project but the printer needed ink so that was kyboshed. Instead we studied 'form' in Art (last time we studies 'shape' - this time 'form') and produced these… (in order me, A, P and J)

And to end off the day we made some Chocolate Chip cookies J

Today was a little less full of variety but still a good productive day! We did Bible Study and then cut out some party hats for E's party on Saturday. Moved straight on to our Indians project then and learnt about Western Apache Wikiups and Jicarilla Apache Tipees today. The kids are really loving doing this and the end result is so pleasing and rewarding for them. If you want to see more pictures go HERE

Tomorrow we are doing some more of it but moving away from 'accommodation' and starting to learn about 'lifestyle' and 'survival'. We might make some Brownies too (I am cheating I have a mix, but the kids still enjoy it all the same!)

Just to let you all know too - I've added some more lapbook pictures here, mainly of last Christmas' Grinch Lapbook and The Girl's 'Merry Christmas' one, but also there is 'our Body' one which the kids did yonks back. Nothing new - but I've only just taken the pics!!

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