Monday, December 13, 2004

A Nothing kind of day!

Oh why is it that I simply can't get going at the moment? We did Bible study and Maths today and that was it. After a hearty lunch for all of soup and poached eggs on Marmite-toast, in various combinations, I simply wanted to sleep! Joel and Abbie engrossed themselves in an elaborate and lengthy game with Boo's playmobil palace and I felt like the baddy intruding on that one - so I didn't! Jacob was busy doing a puzzle and in the peace of the room I dozed off. The two little ones were already in bed asleep. Phoebe takes herself off after lunch these days (I think it's simply because she knows she can only have her dummy if she goes to bed!) and Ellie only just lasted to the other side of lunch-time today (she's teething and definitely under par). At 3.30pm Joel asked to watch some telly - and there they still sit 2 hours later. Most of the afternoon I have drifted in and out of consciousness and feel very guilty (not) about the lack of schooling that's happened here today!

But happily Joel managed to finish of the exercises we had left undone due to frustration on Thursday - with absolutely NO trouble today - here's smiling hopefully that I was stressing over nothing, but somehow I wonder if the problem might rear it's head again in the not too distant future ;)

All in all a pleasant and happy day and Paul has decided that after an exam and an afternoon of study his brain is fuzzed so he's not studying tonight :) He's got videos, so we get to spend the evening together :)) He has another exam on Wednesday and he's done for the Semester - phew - glad that one is over at last!!


Jan said...

I'm still liable to fall asleep on the sofa in the afternoons, and I so wanted a proper afternoon nap one day over the weekend, but it just didn't happen.

It feels like your ticker's catching up with mine. I guess it's because the difference between 6 weeks and 12 weeks feels much more than the difference between 15 and 21. Does that make sense?

merry said...

Absolutely the best advice i got this time was from Alison - grab 45minutes about 3pm every day. I kept me sane. With Amelie i had to stay awake because the others were littler and i was utterly shot by 5, then dozed off, then was awake all night. Horrible.

Definitely do NOT miss being pregnant.

karen said...

Hi Caroline just popping in to say Hi - *waves and smiles*. It sounds like Joel was just 'ready' to do it today. I think children can do something when they say they can't sometimes but just not right at that moment. Glad he could do it today OK.

Jonathan said...

Sounds like Joel's sub-conscious reconciliatory processing is working just fine.

I remember finding it very strange as a child that I could break my head with piano practice, get so frustrated with my lack of progess that I'd give up for a few days and then come back to find <gasp> no problems.

I know that's a different part of the brain, but the principle is still good: newly formed connections do need time to bed in.

Caroline said...

I'm glad, Jon, that you explained what you meant in the first sentance else I'd have had to go fish out a dictionary!! :)