Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ellie's Birthday and Other Pics.

"Everybody's singing to me!!"

Yummy Chocolate cake!!

All cleaned up and opening pressies - "This is a good book!"

"Me looking cute"

Jacob's self-portrait

Joel's self portrait

Angels - top left going clockwise; mine, Phoebe's, Jacob's, Abbie's, Joel's.


merry said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I can't believe 6th time round you are pregnant before she is a year old - i did that once, for Maddy, but NEVER again! lol!

Jax said...

Happy birthday Ellie!

Looks like a great day.

Caroline said...

Actually Merry, I do that more often than not. Jacob was 9 months, Abbie was 3 months!! and Phoebe JUST 13 months when I fell pregnant with the next one - so four out of 6 pregnancies so far are almost within a year of the next. I get my P's back at 4 weeks after birth - despite Full-time breastfeeding!! Which in my book is a little bit pants as actually I wouldn't mind a little 'natural break' between babies, but it's not my body's way of doing things! :) I'm always in awe of women who have natural 2 yearly gaps - ho-humm!! I reckon I'm on the cards for at least 10 children at current spacing - 6 in just over 8 yrs (!!!!)

dottyspots said...

Aaaaah - happy birthday!

Jan said...

Love the pictures, both photos and child-made.