Sunday, December 19, 2004

All Good Plans...

Well with all my carefully laid plans you might well know that something would go wrong! Early hours (well 6.30am, but that's early to me!) Abbie came in saying "feel sick" and promptly was - fortunately for once she made it to the loo, but on inspection of her bed it would seem she was a little bit sick in her sleep too and had stayed in it!! So she didn't get to go to the Library with Daddy on Friday morning, or to the Christmas Social. In fact I only took Phoebe to that in the end as Ellie was sleeping and as Boo wasn't well that meant the boys had to stay home too, so that Paul could look after the girls :( I had a nice quiet lunch with my friends anyway!! :) And in the afternoon all of the girls went to bed (Ellie still sleeps twice a day if I can fit it in), I napped on the sofa and Paul took the boys to the sports hall at the college for a game of footy. It was too cold for the skate park in the end :(
Christmas cards remained unwritten (nap took priority!!) and then just as we were getting ready to go out for the evening Jacob was sick! The babysitter arrived and was promptly sent home again, while we deliberated over what to do. Options were take out, or I still take Mum out and Paul stay home with sick kids (although Boo by now was fine!) We opted for the latter, as I felt it was a shame to spoil Mum's evening and I REALLY didn't fancy take out.
Mum and I had a LOVELY meal out, although actually it was quite expensive and 3 people would have been a little steep! I've promised to take Paul there for our birthdays this year - with a new baby in tow (I hope)!

Saturday saw Jacob and Paul both curled in listless heaps on the sofa - feeling pretty rough :( Jacob therefore missed his dress rehearsal, but Abbie and Joel trotted off to that. Abbie then went to Ballet (which I didn't think was on, but was). Mum took Phoebe to Aldi and picked up Boo and then took her and Phoebe out to lunch - at Safeway!! I began to feel a little sick during the morning and there were errands to be run. Paul said he needed to get some fresh air, so he took a very slow walk into town to get the few bits we needed before coming home and crashing out for the rest of the day. I took the girls out to the party, which was actually at 2pm, still feeling a bit iffy, and just sat quietly for most of it while they all played.
Sadly we didn't get to the landlord's for drinks in the evening - I wonder why! :(

Today - so far - we have been to church and the children's Christmas play was gorgeous and very well done. There was also Christmas lunch at church afterwards and happily we are all feeling better today, so it was very pleasant to be fed and to not have to cook :)
Tonight we are back at church for the Christmas cabaret evening. The boys are going to READ their poems in the end., but at least they are taking part. Maybe next year they we might be able to be a little more organized!! (ha-ha!!)


Jax said...

Oh no! Pleased to hear that you are all improving now, but hugs for a horrid start to your hols - hope it just keeps on getting better from here on in.

Jules said...