Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sorry Folks

Hi! I'm still feeling pretty green most of the time, hence not much blogging of late. Currently typing whilst giving my baby a cuddle (quite an art to master!!), but there's really not too much to report and I just hope blogger doesn't eat my post as I don't have the where-with-all to type stuff twice at the moment (as happened the other night)! We're just plodding along... doing about an hour of school most days, occasionally two on a good day! But I just tell myself it's not for long and they are fairly well ahead of their peers anyway (in most areas), so it's not going to hurt them any. Made a Giant Panda and a pigeon from the Canon Papercraft site today - great - took most of the afternoon - fiddly, fun and mind-easy!! These are to add to our 'Noah's Ark' mobile - when we eventually decide to put it together. Need to find some simpler, smaller animal makes first though :) And that was about it today - oh, and we coloured a map of where the mountains of Arrarat are/where, which the boys made a nice job of.

Nothing else today - except kids TV!!

Baby has fallen asleep here now, so I think I might go do the same for a bit!


Jax said...

All sounds fine to me Caroline - suspect you may still be doing more than me even in your weakened state ;)

Hope you enjoy your nap.

Caroline said...

never got one actually as Jake came an whispered loudly enough to wake the baby!! :(

Caroline said...

Oh - and Jax I actually doubt it at the moment - only when the boys have an hour each to kill at the swimming pool (like last night) do we actually got much real work done - when there's nothing else really much to turn our minds to! ;)

karen said...

Caroline (((hugs))) Hope you are feeling better soon.