Friday, July 16, 2004

We've had a lovely day out!

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry (in Manchester) today and had a fabulous day. Such an amazing place for a freebie! It's so hands on and there's so much there. We couldn't cover everthing in a day, so we did the textiles, but missed the working mill, the 'experiment' play area - REALLY great fun, and the space & aviation bit - with some amazingly huge aeroplanes to stare at! The boys were also desperate to go on a tram, so we did that too. I'll blog some pics tommorrow. It's veg-out time now - when I've cleaned up the kitchen from the devatation that was tea-time!
Oh yes, and Ellie cut another tooth today - that's number two - aaagh!!
Gonna watch a film with hubby & Mum tonight then hit the sack early me thinks!!


Nic said...

We used to go to MMSI loads when we lived in Manchester - its great isn't it?! Our favourite bit was the experiment area on the top floor - loads of interactive stuff and out the window of the littlies play area you look down onto Coronation Street - which meant I always lost DH to peering out the window with the video camera trying to get sneaky shots of them filming!

Jan said...

Must get round to going there

Jax said...

Hm, we're only an hour from Manchester - so worth a trip then?

Jules said...

We went to the Scien Museum last time we were in the area (In Laws live in Stockport..) and thought it was great. Will definately be visiting again when we are next up there.