Monday, July 19, 2004


If anyone would like to see the photos from the Museum trip - click here - but beware they are all of aeroplanes - I forgot to get the camera out before we got to that bit :( !

Today was a BAD day! I don't know why, but I think Jake got out of bed the wrong side. Right from square one if we were at loggerheads with each other. I did stop a few times in the day to ask myself if I was being unfair/unreasonable/grumpy, etc... But whatever I said, or did and however I approached things the end result was the same today. At the slightest hint of a 'no' or a 'wait' my 7 year old son was throwing himself on the floor in fits of temper and rage. If things didn't happen immediatly - and the way he wanted them to - he flew off into one. But then he failed to learn from the error of his ways. By wasting 20 minutes having one tantrum about not being able to go on the PS1 straight after lunch (we wanted to ALL go out to the library, but to wait for him to have PS time would have meant VERY irritable, impatient girls - and that's not fair) he got behind with his work, so ended up missing out on the library trip - more tantrum and more wasted time! (I MUST ADD - he was NOT having a tantrum about the work he had to do, just about not getting what he wanted!) He then took AGES to do his work - which was not difficult or much and was still doing it when the others got back from the library. By the time he finished it was time for swimming - so STILL no PS. He hoped he might get to go on it after swimming. I told him that would depend on him and how long he took getting changed after swimming. He has a 30 time limit - else he misses out on chocolate from the machine. His brother came out of the changing rooms quickly and got his chocolate - Jacob did not and missed out - ho humm, hence we were late home, late tea - so still no PS. I did tell him though that because he HAD earned 20 mins on it today that would cary into tomorrow and be added to tomorrow's time, but no - he persisted in having ANOTHER tantrum - more time wasted (another 20 mins or so) so he missed out on his bedtime story because it got too late and both Paul & I had just had enough by then (to say the least!!). Why could he not see that it was his own attitude and sloathfulness that was causing him to miss out? He even said "I don't want to be helped" at one point when we were trying to 'chat' with him and help him see where he was going wrong. RRRRAH - what to do on days like today?!

Let's hope tomorrow is better...! :)


merry said...

Ach!!! I hate days like that :~( I don't know what makes it all go wrong, although normally they all immediately get ill or something afterwards and then i know why! lol!

I'd have severely lost my patience too i think!

Jules said...

Sounds like an immensely frustrating day!!

((((hugs)))) for yesterday, and I really hope today is better for you all!

Jax said...

I hate tantrums - makes me want to throw one myself. Any signs of improvement today then?

Jan said...

Oh, I hate those days too. Hugs to you all, it's no fun for anyone, is it?