Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I did it - again and again and again!!!

It's taken me a while but at last you should be able to access my schedules on line. Click here 
I hope you can all follow it well enough, although you'll need your 'back' key to get back to the index page. I've had to use a combinationof two programs to get this uploaded. For somereason I just could not get Publisher to upload into an index.html page (?), so I had to use word and my usual program and add one to the other - a WHOLE load of fuss!!

Anyway - we're back from our long weekend and I have some rather over-tired and stroppy children, but we did have a nice time whilst we were down there. We went here and had a lovely afternoon. Well worth a visit if you're ever down that end of the country.

Been on the computer all day and now need a break, so sorry this is short and sweet. I shall try to blog more tommorrow.


Jax said...

Really, really sorry to say this, but I can't get any of it to work :-( Your first link has got too many http s in it, iyswim, and I suspect that the internal links should have some personal reference in there?

Caroline said...

Ok - I know - I tried to add in some more and stuffed up the whole lot! I've re-loaded it all now, so the links SHOULD work now :s - If not I'll cry! But they seem to be OK from my end, so here's hoping!

Sarah said...

Working now Caroline :)

Looks good, too.

Jules said...

Working now Caroline, thanks for taking the time and trouble to show us.

I will have to go through it properly later, but it certainly gives me ideas. Thanks!

Jan said...

Do you know the toymaker's daughter is the third in a trilogy? Do you have the other 2? I have them and I loved them as a child, and would be happy to lend you the first 2 in exchange for borrowing the third one at a later date