Thursday, June 10, 2004

Time Out!

Sorry I'm not blogging much these last couple of weeks. We are having time off, as I've said, so not much is happening really. Our weeks off are usually filled with sorting, shoe buying (oh what a time consuming - foot aching - expensive job!), catching up with the washing and lots of playing in the yard. We did take a day out to Shrewsbury yesterday though, which had a little educational value - and was a whole lot of fun! Jacob says that when we move again he wants to live there! Unfortuntaly that does not seem very likely for various reasons I won't bore you with, but hey - a nice idea!
The children really loved climbing up to 'Laura Tower' and seeing all the fabulous views from up there. And the Quarry Park was gorgeous too. Here's a few pics for a flavour of the town.

Shrewsbury Station

the Castle (from the tower)

Laura's tower

The church through the trees (from the tower)

another view from the tower

My face is not messy!

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merry said...

Never fails to amaze me how much goes on in weeks off!!!!

Your trip looked lovely :~)