Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Feeling Thwarted!

Why is that some days you just end up feeling thwarted at every turn! When the day starts out with "I don't want(s)..." coming from Jacob at 9am, I know we are in for a bad one. Top that with just feeling 'strange' in myself today and Paul being out 9-6 & 8-?, having to do school with ALL the other children around (I manage to lose at least one on all the other schooling days), three loads of washing to circulate on & off the washing line, cooking tea (normally Paul's domain:) ) whilst feeding and nursing a permanently hungry baby. And every time I turned to do something I found another misdemeanors in my path (a completely unraveled toilet roll at one point tonight, which I think might have been the second today - a full roll this morning being mysteriously empty by this evening! And then having to put all five over-tired, ratty children to bed - all by my ratty, tired self ! RRRRRRRRRR!!!
The worse thing about today is that when one child is playing up and I am feeling short fused anyway then it seems to magnify the misbehaviour (or even just the irritating childishness) of the others, so that even the ones that are being reasonably well behaved get the brunt of my sourness! I hate days like today. I feel like a green Ogre by the end of them! And I always feel guilty when I am so relieved to shut the bedroom doors!
Rant Over!


merry said...

lol.... it must be full moon, i have been just the same from about 4pm onwards!

Caroline said...

I had wondered if it might be that...! And boy that was a quick response!

Jan said...

I'm sure we all have days like that. But here's hoping tomorrow's better.

Jax said...

Hadn't realised the moon was playing up as well - thought we were just tired here ;-)