Sunday, June 20, 2004

Not too bad...

Well things this week, with our new schedule, didn't go tooo bad! Jacob did however land himself with almost two hours work (which had he got-on-with-it could have been done in less than half that time) on his day off & NO time on the playstation all week (PS is a reward for completing the days work - in time). I need to be careful things don't become too punitive, but I do what to add in some motivators none-the-less. These things are always hung in such careful balance! Jacob declared "I don't like new rules. Why can't we just stick with the old ones. Mummy is always making new rules!" Actually Mummy is just 'tweeking' the rule and of course the reason he doesn't like the new ones is that they highlight his idleness! I did discover this week that he spends a great deal of time destroying his chair! It has multitudes of pencil holes in it and he's ripped the plastic cover and pulled alot of the foam out - I was a little livid, but have yet to devise a suitable punishment. I explained to him that the reason for the new rules was so that BOTH of us got free-time at the end of each day and didn't end up at each others necks quite so often. I think he understood.

Got some more goodies in Oxfam bookshop today - including Usborne 'History of the World' - I think maybe someone round here puts 'Sonlight' books in Oxfam when they've finished with them. They always seem to have loads of Usborne (& Ladybird) factual books. I got about 10 today!

Another piece of news. My Joel had an asthma attack in the night on Wednesday - his first - and he is now on double inhalers and steroids for 5 days. Anyone who feels they'd like to, your prayers would be appreciated for him. He is very well considering & has made a quick recovery - thankfully. He's a tough little cookie! He is actually pleased as punch with himself this week, because not only has he got himself a 'breather' (what he calls his inhaler), but he has also been given 'glasses' - slightly long sighted. He looks really intellectual in them.

Anyway - that's it for tonight I think.


Sarah said...

Oh, love to Joel from all of us.

We have chair/table/bed/sheet/door/wall vandalism here too :o( On a frustratingly regular basis, despite the full knowledge that it's wrong. It seems to happen for different reasons at different times, and I haven't quite worked out how to deal with it, so please let me know what course of action you take - short of docking pocket money to pay for damage I haven't thought of anything constructive. My lot aren't really getting pocket money at the moment anyway so it's even harder to work out how to handle it.

Caroline said...

Thanks Sarah - you must be as mad as me - up at this hour!! The vandalism is new thing with us :( ...will keep you posted as to what we decide.

merry said...

Well, good luck with getting the new regime in place - you have my awe really. I'm really nervous of creating anything that causes conflict between us, but i do find that explaining why something needs to happen works fairly well now.

Not sure what to say about the chair though - sounds like what we used to do to our desks in school. I used to doodle a lot and the holes in the desks were shocking!

Jan said...

Our love to Joel, hope he's feeling back to normal soon