Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Time MARCHes on...

Finally the sun is beginning to shine, and temperature is climbing degree by degree. I'm not quite sure where March has gone, but we have managed a little bit of Home-ed in between birthdays, poorly-bugs and Easter ;-)

We've also spent some time out and about and basically I'm just going to blog a few pictures. There's not a lot to tell really!

Out for some fresh-air...

Colouring ~ again!

Some time at the park...

We spent Good Friday morning in the town square, joining in the Good Friday service in the town square, and then the afternoon at Wheelock Farm - always a great place to go. I wonder when the big chids are going to get bored of it, but they never seem to - and of course there's always ice-cream thrown in to encourage them!



Meet Lucy ~ Joel's girlfriend. She fits our family like a hand in glove! :D

We managed a bit of individual and 'family' art time...

Chip's Park (chalk pens)

DD's watercolour lighthouse

Lilo's watercolour lighthouse

Stitch's '2'

Chip's '10'

A poorly / lazy day was spent watching Yesterday TV - all day!! 

 This almost never happens in our house, but I figure it doesn't hurt once in a blue moon and we all enjoyed the no-pressure-to-do-anything day :D The most memorable of the day were Time Team- digging up the remains of Roman praetorium, and Chemisty - the atom, atomic weight and the development of the periodic table (fascinating), and Coast - about the Isle of Wight boat race (and other things).

Some table-based educational moments...

Rainbows through raindrops!

And that was March!
Hello April :D

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Nic said...

Lovely pics :) As always the family group ones make me smile, wish you were sometimes the other side of the camera though Caroline!