Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Little Bit of Home Ed...

We've been a bit slack here of late, what with girly cousins staying over half term, decorating the girls room and birthdays and stuff, but there's been some learning happening too. 

For Lent the girls, Paul and I gave up meat this year. This has meant some learning adventures in vegetarian food & getting a balanced diet. I have certainly enjoyed going back to my veggie days and the girls don't seem to be missing meat too badly either, but I think it's proving a lot harder for Paul who  would basically be a meatatarian given the choice, and who strongly dislikes what I consider the basics of a vegetarian diet - mushrooms or  tomatoes! He's not mad keen on pasta either, so I think this is really quite a challenge for him.

One of our favourites so far has been Homity Pie ~ why have I never met this before?!

Then there's been chinese hom-bao (steamed, stuffed dumplings), which, although eventually successful, were a LOT of work and I deem only to be repeated if cooking for two, rather than 10!!

Another great success has been Sweet Potato & Butternut soup, with hunks of bread ~ yum!

Then of course there's been lessons in 'decorating' ...

And besides that some 'formal' learning too.

Chip's home-ed is the most photo-worthy though, so... (hover over the pics for details) ...



And that's all for now really. 

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