Monday, October 06, 2014

Some Snapshots of our Week

We finished 1 Samuel in our Picture Smart Bible. The children are really enjoying this and it's great for getting them to memorise the outline of whole books of the bible.

Sunday night the boys had a little musical jam. It was noisy, but rather lovely :D. I love hearing them play together these days. 

Another evening the girls had some fun on Just Dance just before bed!

The fuzzy felt came out, and Chip and I had some fun building a picture together. I think Stitch was on an iTooch language arts app at this point.

Note the pre-historic snowman (top left and corner)!

Chip is really enjoying playing on Poisson Rouge and Starfall atm, and dancing to the tunes!

I suggested Chip have a go with these (can't remember what they are called) and they haven't been put away since! He and Stitch are really into them. These can be a bit fragile though, so I'm looking forward to getting a more youngster friendly version in our Spielgaben set, when it arrives very soon!

Then chip moved on to playing on the tablet ~ a Bible story app. This story was Jacob's ladder.

Art this week was drawing dandelions ~ post to follow!

There was a little taste of Easter in the middle of our week, when I discovered a chocolate game we had been given that was about to expire and needed to be played & eaten.

This week we are having a non-book week, just because it's nice to do that now and then and half way through a half term seems about right! Today Chip has mostly played on Minecraft and other 'educational' apps!! He's full of cold and not feeling like doing much else though tbh.

Minnie has cooked us lunch, as she does every Monday. Today was a new venture for her ~ turkey pasties ~ and they were scrumptious!!

Joel & TP have played Monopoly City. Minnie is now doing some sewing and I think three of the others, who have spent most of the morning colouring, are about to play Monopoly (not City).

Later in the week, if everyone is up to it, I am planning on a trip to Liverpool for the day. Just hoping the weather plays nice on Thursday.

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Michelle said...

Great snapshots. Look great in mobile view too.

Enjoy liverpool. We really enjoyed our day there.