Saturday, October 25, 2014

Art Time ~ Klimt & Stella

Last week we took a look at the 'protractor art' of Frank Stella.

This was relatively easy and good fun to do.

I let the children choose their own sources of colour

Some use paint, others pencils.

The only limitations set were no more than 6 shapes or 6 colours.

This one below is mine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This week we re-visited the work of Gustav Klimt.

The instructions said to use black Sharpie for the tree, but ours are all run out, so instead those who chose to do the filled in tree used black/brown crayon and then did watercolour relief.

It worked REALLY well and I love how Minnie's in particular turned out (below

Joel hasn't done his watercolour yet, because we ran into lunch time! I think it'll look good when he does.

DD & Stitch, chose to do brown trees. It's more blendy, but still looks good :D

Then myself , TP and Lilo ((below respectively) all chose to do a 'shapes' tree. 

I used watercolour pencils for mine and spent my entire lunchtime doing it. It was very relaxing!

The girls never got theirs coloured in. I think they are both intending to use watercolour paints and are planning on using half term 'boredom' time to complete them :D. 
I actually think they are rather lovely as they are!

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