Tuesday, May 06, 2014

So Much Outside Fun...

Much can happen in little time...

Most of that time has been 'holiday' time so we've made the most of it and have been outside quite a lot ~ with the very much welcome warmer weather!

DD had a gym competition ~ he got a bronze on vault (handstand-flatback) this time :D

The lambs in the field on our lane are growing rapidly (and the Mummy sheep have just been shawn), but they can still get under the fence, so sheep herding has become a favourite pass-time!

Nanna & Grandad (& Granny) have visited for Easter...

which of course involved going out ~ and that day it was actually warm enough for the first ice-creams of the year!

My 7 aside team played footy (well 6 aside + Taz in goal)

and DD did what he loves...

well... actually not just DD on this occasion!

Easter Sunday was a cause for major celebration as my eldest son and eldest daughter got baptised ~ and their Dad baptised them :D 

A real blessing and a total thrill for us all :D

Chip has dared to do a little messy craft ~ finger-painting even!

And there's been plenty of other creativity too..
(this being DD's of course!)

Some Selfies...

and silliness

A 17th birthday!! 
(that's Crabbies raspberry Ginger Beer he's so happy about!)

Stitch has learnt to ride his bike ~ finally ~ and hasn't been off it much since..

..and Chip is finally beginning to get the hang of his balance bike (in the park today)

TP and I took a trip to Lancaster for an special photoshoot, and enjoyed a walk to our destination alongside the railway line and the River Lune

Stitch has got a serious thing going on for bug-hunting at the moment, 
so was thrilled to find these in the garden today whilst we were having a major 'Spring sweep' and tidy-up.

There have been many other 'moments' too ~ including another trip to the village park and a little photo-shoot with Minnie in the hope of winning some Joe Browns goodies ~ which we didn't in the end :( ~ but this post would go on forever, so that'll do for now :D


Kim said...

These are all so precious!

May said...

This is a fantastic and fun collection of photos...the swing, the bug, the climbing net. Glad Easter was so special for your family.

Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely photos! I love all those birds - weren't they scared at all!? :D

Caroline Hampton said...

They weren't scared at all ~ they had their Daddy there to defend them!!

bettyl-NZ said...

What a great post of fun! I know Dad was proud to baptize his two kids!