Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Snapshots of School

I feel that somehow it's important to keep a record of our time right now.

My big ones are getting so big that the future seems to loom large ahead of them


And my little ones are growing so fast before my eyes that I know 'little' is not a word I will be able to use much longer!

Today Stitch turned 7

And in two weeks DD turns 9

It doesn't seem like yesterday I was writing these posts...

 yet here we are two years on!

DD has gone off to camp for a week with the bigger ones and I am left home with the eldest of all and youngest two. 

It's a little quiet round here and I wonder how I ever considered life to be so difficult with just two!

So I've been taking lots of pictures of 'ordinary' stuff ~ just because most of the time life is pretty ordinary!

On Monday I kept a 'diary of the day' as I went along... here it is, a full and complete picture of that day but without any more photos..!

Lilo... Blog, Reading, Typing, Kitchen Maths, ETC, AAS (All About Spelling) ~ struggling with spellings still. Bible Study (1 Samuel 21) Goliath sword (with DD & Stitch).

DD... Sumdog, reading famous five, maths, Explode The Code (online), Reasoning, AAS ~ 23/24 today. Gym @ 5.30-8.30pm

Stitch... Sumdog, reading (naff Disney book), ETC, Handwriting, Ingenious (you choose), Drawing (which he is pretty serious about atm)

TP... Just Write, gym report, handwriting, spelling practice, kitchen science

Minnie... Reasoning, Jayne ayre Lit study, cooked a roast, Hung washing out

Chip... Ed City, blocks, played outside on bike, had a few strops, Starfall nursery rhymes, played with kitchen and cooked for us!

Running & bike races in lunch break.

Me… Nit picking (sigh) and hairdos, AAS with L, DD & Stitch, rescue roast from Minne, carve and serve dinner. Try on wetsuit (saga), more nit picking. Hung out with girls in my room for a bit, chatting and chilling :D, sort out Chip strops,

Stitch to swimming - took Chip to watch (he spent a lot of time jumping under the water just like Bugs used to). Crocheted 2 flowers for TP’s blanket. Sol Good boy (he fell asleep in car on way home).

Wrote CG blog post and fiddled about on photography forums. Edited Sunday's ‘Hope for Justice’ walk pictures and posted blog about it. Bed @2am. Had a good comment from a photographer I admire :-)


Pieni Lintu said...

Nice post! :) My boys will turn also 7 and 9 later this year. :)

Kathy McB said...

Time goes by so fast, I wish I had thought to keep a record of my kid's younger years. I do so now. But I was late to the game. Your photos and thoughts will be a treasure to them in their later years.