Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Small Blue Bead

A bead in hand

A Blogland friend of mine put me on to these. I thought they looked fun, so I ordered some from Amazon. 

The children have spent the entire day fascinated and intrigued by them :D

As an added bonus they make a great photography project 

~ I think there may be more to come...

In other news ~ I've been weeding & sieving the soil in our front garden. It's been three half-days of hard graft to get it looking decent, but it really does look so much better now. This morning Baby decided to 'help' me, and had a wonderful time playing in the newly sifted soil, getting thoroughly dirty (excuse the out of focus shot ~ I forgot to put the camera back in autofocus!) :D

And the girls put together a beautifully elaborate game with the farm out the back...

...whilst my Nan snoozed in the sun, and the boys bounced!

This weather suits us :D !

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