Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arty Crafty Update

I figured I ought to post something here ~ just so you know we still exist and are still H'eding!

We do art most Wednesday's (occasionally substituted with Cookery) & I try to focus on different artists.  Last Friday a friend of mine had mentioned that her daughter was enjoying trying her hand at some work in the style of Helen Musselwhite.
So I looked her up ~ and got busy :D

Today DD (age 6) made this lovely owl.
I downloaded a template from here
But I think this one would work well too.
We had lots of lovely papers left from when the boys got bored of this one year, but any funky paper would do fine.
I added the idea of the extra layers of circles for the eyes.
DD did almost all the cutting  by himself (twice ~ once for the template and once for the papers) and we assembled it together. 
I think this one earns a place on the wall :D

Minnie & Lilo are working on something different, but they're not finished yet...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Last week we took a look at the work of 'Joan Miro'
I printed out this , and a couple of actual paintings of his, as an example for them to bounce off & then let their imaginations run free :D
It was a lovely project, made all the better by two H'ed friends joining them for the morning :D. They did some gorgeous work too, but I can't showcase it because they took it home with them of course!

These were my children's works of art that came out of it...

TP (age 10) ~ 'Arty Party'

Taz (age 13) ~ 'Off The Pier'

DD ~ 'At The Park'

Minnie (11) painted a beautiful one too ~ "On the Beach"
 She made it into a Mother's Day card for my Mum, who has since departed home with it. 

You may notice Bugs did something different ~ his was 'Shadow Boat' and taken from a lesson over here
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The week before that, we used a lesson from here to do these...

Lilo (8)

TP (10)

Minnie (11)

Taz (13)

Mine (not telling!)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed our little art tour!
I'll do an 'other stuff' blog later ~ tomorrow maybe..!

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