Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missing the Mark.

Today I tried to take some of the children to the 'Easter Family Fun Day' that was being held on the reserve, but I'd failed to book and wasn't sure where to meet up. We set out a bit past start time in hopes of finding a crowd, but it all fell flat and we found no-one :( Turns out it all started in the Village Hall, but we didn't quite walk that far. Still never mind, we got some fresh air before the day got too hot, we listened to the birds (and the bees) and I took some nice pictures (despite having Baby in the sling in front of me). Next time, I'll know...

summer days collage

bro and sis's collage

Ellie diptych

run tunnel collage
We are loving the sunshine and the smiles it brings, so I'm just sharing some of the pictures from Baby's 17wk 'shoot' ~ which turned into a little mini-free-for-all-shoot! Enjoy :-) This is how we roll in the holidays (well, most of the time really, but even more in the hols) !!

clowning collage

funny faces @ 5

TP collage

Ellie collage

brother love


Sol @ 17wks

Oh ~ and on an educational note... our swallows arrived home yesterday and are busy repairing their nest for this year clutches ~ "WELCOME HOME" little birds, we are all pleased to see you, and the sunshine months you herald in :-)

89/365 ~ Swallow #2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

And during our non-book week last week, my fabulous, arty, x-teacher friend (and her daughter) came and gave us a Hundertwasser art lesson;

(L-R: Bugs (13), Lilo (7), TP (9), Taz (12), Stitch (3) & DD (5) )

I also signed the three youngest 'schoolies' up for 'Explode The Code Online'. I think Lilo will whizz through it, but it will help firm things up for her, hopefully help her 'hear' things better and set her on the road to writing more and spelling better. DD loves it (and the games he gets to play as reward) and seems to understand it really well. I think he will progress quickly with it. But what shocked me most was how amazing Stitch was with it. He tested in only a little behind DD and although his concentration span is not as good as DD's just yet, he did really well and made good progress in just one session. I was surprised to see that he actually can read a little ~ not only understanding beginning sounds, but sounding out and blending too! He is adding new letters (sounds and names) to his repertoire daily it seems and it wouldn't surprise me if he and DD are both reading a bit before the end of the summer!


Esther said...

Absolutley GORGEOUS photos, what an amazing way to preserve the memories! Worth every penny for Seth :)

Can I make a request? If you end up redoing your header to add your scrummy #8, could you add the nicknames on or under the pics? I'm rubbish at remembering which nn goes with which child (not their real names, obv - I know those!) Not if its too much stress though - you've already got plenty to do at the moment!!

Merry said...

I am hosting a "day in the life of a home educator" carnival next week on my blog; it would be lovely if you would consider joining in :)


Love the art btw; going to nick that idea!

I am so sorry I don't read here; just too much trickiness but often think of you.