Friday, March 05, 2010

Snapshot of the Week

It's not been a particularly unusual week . Stitch continues his obsession with Wii Mario Cart and Poisson Rouge (PC) and at the moment pretty much refuses to take part in any activities that don't involve a screen, a mouse or a controller! I'm not sure how much of a problem it really is, but I'm hoping it will ride itself out and he will get bored soon enough ~ only he's a boy, so I'm not sure if it will... At not yet 3 I'm not sure I want to get into all out fights with him over it though, when there is so much else that matters more at the end of the day.
DD and Lilo have done very well at avoiding doing too much work this week, but I quite like when they disappear off and play together. I don't want to be stretching them too hard anyway atm. I've had Lilo do some very low-key reading work, just so she doesn't forget what she has already learnt while she is 'not' learning to read! Actually, I think when she decides it's time it really won't take her long, so I'm letting her take the lead on that one. She can read basic CVC words, she can find rhymes & she can find missing beginning, middle and end sounds of words. She is slowly cementing the remaining letter sounds that she is less sure of in her mind. The basic building blocks are all in place. I'm waiting for her to decide it's time to start building :D
This last couple of weeks Lilo has also decided that she loves cuisenaire rods and so we've been working with those a bit. I have some basic 'fun' cards that are really 'getting to know your rods' cards. We are working through those and she is enjoying them. 12/16 complete. I think when we are done I will print out Miquon Red and start on that ~ I can see Miquon being just her kind of thing. If I could afford Maths-U-See I would invest, but I already have nearly the whole Singapore scheme on my shelf and I don't want to start again with the cost buying new resources. Miquon is pretty cheap to do, and we have that too, so I will start there and when I think she is ready we will merge into Singapore slowly. That's worked for my other children and, although Lilo is quite different, I think as long as we keep it nice and hands-on she will be fine too. She definitely seems to 'get' numbers better than letters at the minute :D

The other highlight this week has been that the SUN has come out. This has meant the children rediscovering the trampoline (yeah), but spending excessive amounts of time outside on it, instead of doing any real work. Not that I really mind ~ they have had a whole winter of hard graft, it's time for some fresh air. One afternoon the girls did take the rug out and do their English on the front lawn - I like living here! I too was itching to spend some time outdoors, so Thursday late-morning I decided we would take an hour out to do a nature walk and draw what we could spot of the emerging signs of spring. Taz decided not to join us (he really does NOT enjoy art or drawing AT all) so I let him stay home. The others all came and we had fun, and stroked horses and enjoyed the sunshine :D I was particularly impressed with DD as he really tried hard to draw what he could find. This is a picture of him drawing the leaf he is pointing to :D

Lilo on the other hand was a lot more random and rushed, drawing pictures of piles of sand! She drew some blades of grass that were pretty standard kid-grass, so I encouraged her to look more closely as this particular grass had run to seed and was quite interesting up close. She did look and then improved her drawing quite significantly, but only one or two blades! She was much more interested in running around, but that's OK too ~ she had fun!

Taz has continued his little fixation with Airfix models this week and finished off am Army truck and built the body of a jet plane. He loves them and is all absorbed in them ~ squeezing as much modelling time as he can into his school week!

That's it I think ~ all else was pretty mundane this week - Oh! except that Taz possibly dislocated his thumb at scouts last night. He 'forgot' he wasn't on the trampoline whilst playing dodge-ball and threw himself on the ground - on his thumb! There was still too much swelling this morning for the hospital to be able to tell if anything is broken yet, but the X-ray he had 'seemed' clear - check up early next week.

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