Monday, March 22, 2010

Bullet Points

Going to just post a bullet point blog to remind me where we are at so far since my last blog and what I need to expand on!
  • weeding and gardening at the weekend with girls ~ planting heather and bedding plants ~ discovering bugs and making ant farm with Taz (note to self remind Taz to feed ants)
  • group exercise/quiz in statements of 'fact and opinion' with interesting outcomes!
  • Stinky Face to DD ~ good vocabulary extension ~ repeat over this week and chat about words
  • I SPY with Stitch ~ lots of good labels to learn in this one and 'stories' to tell ~ want to get more of these :D
  • colour sorting sticker activity
  • DD learning "try to find a tri-angle" and going on a shape hunt.
  • DD spontaneously beginning to identify numbers (yippee!) ~ number hunt on the cards!
  • DD & Stitch on mini-shopping trip with Paul with an 'assignment' to find shapes and numbers! ~ came back with Milky Bars - well they are rectangular!! ;D
  • Lilo spontaneously attempting to 'spell' words out loud at the lunch table ~ discussed letters to form 'sh' and 'th' ~ difficulty still hearing 'th' as opposed to 'f'
  • Lilo doing really well with Ed-city :D and apparently finding it relatively easy, which is good as she is only working in reception level (she is technically Yr1).
  • DD doing well working with beginning sounds of words
  • wanting to order 'all about spelling' but postage expensive. If I can can bulk order for about 5 people they will reduce postage and send by ups ~ anyone else want in?!!
  • looking at FIAR again ~ seriously considering getting a package of this for the younger three. I think we would enjoy it :D

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youngthomsen said...

Keep it up! You're doing awesome!