Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suddenly Things Got a Whole Lot Louder!

Today JI got his new 'Kit' - a set of brand-new (reduced price) Arbiter Flat's on a rack. He was absolutely thrilled (understatement of the year) as he didn't know they were coming! Neither did I actually - I was expecting them tomorrow! They came without instructions (nightmare!) so J2 and I spent the whole afternoon figuring out how they went together; what drum went where and how! Victory at last and here is Daddy just adding the finishing touches, tightening things and tuning up! J couldn't even stay off them for a minute while we fitted the last floor tom in place! (Notice the shorts!!) I am very impressed with his playing - he is completely self taught so far!

It must be the week for new things! We were given a couple of Bonde (Ikea) bookcases yesterday - resulting in me spending the entire day sorting and resorting the girls' room, to make room for the shelves and then to organise the toys into them somehow. Sadly the boxes the girls currently have (poppered cardboard ones) don't fit, so I need to go and buy some that do - now do I get the these from Ikea, or do I get Trofast ones (also Ikea) so that they are multi-functional (but slightly smaller), or do I see what I can pick up cheap else where that will 'do the job'... hmmm...dilemma! I know what I'd like to do, but money is an consideration! Whatever, the shelves have made such an immediate difference in their room - I can't tell you how happy I am :-)

Then lastly, on Friday we pick up our new car... how nervous am I about that! I so hope and pray we've made a better purchase this time. We are all out of cash now and we have a birthday less than a month away (E will be 5) and Christmas only 56 days away!

At least Joel's Christmas is already done and dusted - although I'm not too sure how he will cope with that on Christmas morning. I might have to tie a ribbon on the kit just to remind him! Or, we might buy him a proper stool to go with it at a little extra cost, just so he gets something. These look nice and I think they would do the job well for him. I feel an Ikea trip coming on!! A wants Sylvanian Families sets, as does P, so that's easy but not cheap! They have agreed to sell their Playmobil Grand-Mansion (3 years old now) because they really don't play with it much. It is huge and takes up loads of space. They will use the money for SF stuff, so that will help. JA inherits the mesh-head drum kit (it was half his anyway), but the cymbals are broken to bits and one of the heads is torn, however, he hardly ever plays it; it's not really his thing. So, he has agreed to sell what's still good, probably as separate bit; the good heads, and the stands, and use the money for whatever he would like new. I'm hoping this way the kids will feel they have new things without us spending too much money this year - after-all, the car is for us all! P wants a decent music system for the car (not sure what it's got yet though) and I'm looking at this one on ebay - and in a way we will all enjoy that too. I would like a GPS so we can start treasure-hunting - it's not for me alone - honest! Not sure what to get C & N yet, but might invest in some Mellisa and Doug toys, if I can get hold of them (I have a shopping list!!).


emma said...

Wow!! J is fantastic on the drums. He's got a fantastic sense of rhythm and is excellent for being self taught too. Great!!

Hope everything is ok with your new car on Friday.

Elle said...

Brilliant J - what a lovely present.

Good luck tomorrow with the car. Ours has decided to play up big time now. Typical, why do these things happen when Christmas is so close?! Elle