Saturday, October 11, 2008

Car Update

Quintessentially our car is done for L . It turns out that the head gasket has gone and on Previa of this age it's a very major repair that will cost us over £400 to have done, so that just about makes it not worth our while as we are pretty certain there will be other things go wrong with it before too long. Maybe that's us being pessimistic, but it has cost us a lot of money already since we bought it and we do feel like the person who sold it to us knew what was on the cards, but c'est la vie - stuff happens I guess!! So now we have to decide what to do next. We think we are going to try to sell it for however much we can get for it - spares, repairs or scrap! Then we might cash in our savings to get us back on the road, but that will leave us with no reserves anywhere, so that's a little scary - and our savings really aren't that much anyway. It's a dilemma!

School's been good this week, but I'll blog that tomorrow maybe.

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