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I've been tagged twice now, so here goes (in between feeding my thirsty baby!) ;


The rules are simple…. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

  1. I trained as nurse after leaving college at 18, but it was never a vocation that I loved. When I felt called by God to train as a midwife I bulked at the idea, but it turned out to be the job I loved. That said, I was pregnant with JA before I finished my training. I worked for a bit after I had him, while my Mum looked after JA at home, but only until I was pregnant with JI (about 9 months in all). I really did love midwifery and hope that one day, when my family is complete and all raised up, I will be able to return to it. Ideally I'd like to work independently, but that might mean forfeiting an NHS pension (if there is such a thing by then) because I didn't work for long enough 'in the system' to hold it down the first time around - they gave me it all back when I left. The thought of having to work within the confines of the hospital system might stifle me I think, but all the same the women there need pro-natural midwives just as much as those who can afford to pay for one! Well, time will tell… It's a long way off just yet - I've a newborn to see into his teens before then!
  2. I grew up on a council estate and with a staunch resolution to not let history repeat itself (if you want to read more about that you need to read this; I am From… ) and am achieving that end to date!
  3. I LOVE the sunshine, but it doesn't love me. I get headaches and sunstroke if I spend too long in it L. But I equally love to take a walk on a crispy cold winter's day - especially in the snow!
  4. I have had six fantastic homebirths and would have made that seven if not for a shortfall in the NHS system up here! But none the less - seven uncomplicated, beautiful memories to hold onto. Each individual and yet strangely similar. Each without pain relief of any serious kind (discounting water and a TENS for the first three). But I do not claim that childbirth is painless (it is so NOT), I just maintain that it is bearable if your body is allowed to do it's job the way it is designed to - without the interference of pain-relief, noise, bright lights and nagging doctors & midwives who can't stand to see a woman in pain and who seem to think that it is a bad' thing as opposed to a normal thing (to name but a few factors)!
  5. My house is always a muddle, but that is only to be expected I guess. In my mind I would love to me more minimalist, though in reality that is never going to happen - even when the kids are up and gone. I simply couldn't do it I don't think. I like 'things' too much - I just don't like to have to look at them all the time! When I was a kid I wanted to live as a 'hermit' type person - in a house without utilities (no running water, or electricity etc…), on the side of a mountain away from civilisation and noise. I wanted to grow my own produce and live off the land. BUT when I moved to Nantwich I missed all the shops I had been used to in Colchester and struggled to get used to the compactness of small town living. So in truth - I guess it's the idea of the ideal that I love, but the shear hard work of the reality of it makes it much less appealing. J Can't imagine the kids going for it much either!!
  6. My dream is to live in the Lake District…I wonder when… (guess I'd need to learn to drive before we ever did that though - the buses are not so great up there!)
  7. I can't drive L despite having had three sets of lessons that have got me 'nearly' to taking a test each time, but I've never quite got there. Now if I ever do learn I'll be driving a 9 seater with 7 kids in the back - which scares me witless!
  8. I am committed to allowing God to determine the size of our family - so watch this space - there are likely to be more children at some point in the future!, BUT, I am also very content with the 7 blessings I have and in my natural mind would be pleased to stick with this number. We have a great balance of boys and girls and ages, so I'm praying that Nathanael might be my last.., but "not my will…" At any rate, I have a lot of weight to lose before I want to be pregnant again - each pregnancy takes it's toll on my already overweight body and I need to not put it under that strain again until at least a couple of stone has come off!


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