Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As if the Children don't get distracted Enough!

Look who came to visit us yesterday...
After a little investigation, it seems (s)he is a racing pigeon who has een blown off course by the fowl weather and has landed in our garden with exhaustion. We have been instructed to feed it up for a couple of days then shoo it off so it flys home.
Trying to work with a pigeon who decides it want to take up residence under the table (instead of the garden) was nigh on impossible!! Later on it sought refuge behing the piano in the lounge and didn't come out till all was a little more peaceful!
It slept the night on our drive - near it's sunflower seeds and this morning went back to the garden, but I haven't seen it much this afternoon, so maybe it's already flown home...But it was fun while it lasted :-) The kids called him 'Fluff' - who knows why?!


Claire said...

Must be the time of year for home ed to be disrupted by wildlife. We have been having similar problems with field mice over the past three days!

I hope he finds his way home soon.

shukr said...

oooooh, mine are desperate for a pigeon pet! I'll have to start praying one gets landed in our garden. Never would have thought it was possible!

Have you read 'fly home mc doo'?

Would be very thematic home ed.)